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Hunting for some Jewellery in Toronto?

Buying Jewellery could be a headache, especially if you are a beginner!

Choose jewellery according to your dressing habits, environment and lifestyle. If your buying for a partner such as a wife, ask yourself what sort of jewellery your wife already has, what social circles she runs in and what she will feel comfortable in. Most shiny, large, visible jewellery might not fit her style. It may undesirable to wear weighty jewellery with a slinky dress or vice versa. On the other - she might be the type that enjoys little "display". If you are shopping for wedding jewellery you'll be happy to know that those styles are untouched - traditional, weighty sets of gold, pearls as well as diamonds.

Buying online. For many, online shopping is the perfect solution - with a click of a mouse you can be in a virtual store that is open 24 hours a day. No pressure from salespeople, and no need to get from your house. The disadvantage however is that you don't physically see what you are about to buy, but need to rely on a picture and a description. This downside of the whole deal become irrelevant - if you know what you are looking for.

How does one determine if an online jewel is reputable?

Look for signs of Better Business Bureau on the website. If the website or listing does not disclose this - check with your local Better Business Bureau. Check for the number of years in business. This is especially important for online jewellery retailers. Check if their associated with MJSA (Manufacturing and Jewellery Suppliers of America) Check their feedback. Only buy from ones who offer great customer service. See if they can provide certified reports. For example: Certain jewellers supply a report from a gemological laboratory on the grading of the metal.

Buying Diamonds

What's so special about a diamond you may ask? Diamond is the hardest natural material known. The hardness is measured as the resistance to scratches. Diamond gets a maximum score of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. To determine the value and the beauty of a diamond you have to use the rule of four C's. The C's stand for - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight.

What does the "CUT" mean? Example: on a classic round brilliant cut diamond, 57 or 58 facets must be precisely aligned. Essentially the cut determines the stand out and the brilliance of the diamond. "CLARITY" - Diamond's clarity is defined by the number of inclusions on a diamond. Inclusions are caused by minerals and gases trapped inside a diamond during it's extensive period of formation. "COLOR" - Majority of diamonds contain slight traces of brown, yellow, or even grey. Pure diamonds are right next to colourless. "CARAT WEIGHT" - because larger stones are harder to find this might be considered the key factor as generally - the larger the stone the more it is worth. However this factor is meaningless without considering the other three C's. Carat refers to gemologist's measure of diamond's weight.

Buying Gold

Gold had fascinated people for hundred of years now. Gold is dense, soft, shiny and the most malleable and ductile substance known. This means it is the most deformable metal that can take most deform without fracture. Right after it's attractive colour this is the reason why it has developer into a popular jewellery material. In a way gold is an opposite of diamond. It's rareness in earth gives it it's value. Most obvious colour associated with it is gold. In reality it is the yellow light that gets reflected of the metal the most. Most jewellery comes in yellow however recent trends in jewellery shows production of jewellery with white or two tone. In terms of measurement "Karat" is used. It refers to the actual percentage of pure gold inside a piece of jewellery. 100% pure gold measures to 24 karat. The less karats the less gold percentage. In fact 24 karats is too soft for jewellery, this is why gold jewellery is always mixed with other metals to retain some hardness. The second major component of gold jewellery is the craftsman's trademark. The karat marking on your gold jewelry should be accompanied by a hallmark or trademark that identifies its maker. The item's country of origin might also be included.

Check out the links below if you are Toronto shopper!
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55 Bloor St W - Unit 152
M4W 1A5
631 Mount Plesant Road
Toronto, ON
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Toronto, Ontario
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3.10Ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring with 2 Matching Wedding Bands 14K Solid Gold
Price: $1,610.00

2.6 Ct Engagement Wedding 3-Stone Ring Real 14K White Solid Gold Princess Cut
Price: $187.57
Shipping Price: $0.00

3.10Ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring with 2 Matching Wedding Bands 14K Solid Gold
Price: $1,610.00

2.6 Ct Engagement Wedding 3-Stone Ring Real 14K White Solid Gold Princess Cut
Price: $187.57
Shipping Price: $0.00